Thermamax expands test benches and laboratory into R&D center

R&D center of tmax
Thermamax expands test benches and laboratory into R&D center

In February 2015, Thermamax completed the expansion of new R&D premises. Until then, all relevant functional units of R&D (office, hot gas test stand, inspection and test laboratory) were located in different places in the building.

With the expansion measures, for which investments of around €250,000 were made, the R&D facilities could be brought together at a central location. At the same time, the available floor space in the newly designed premises was almost doubled.

The newly created center includes four units: an office, a newly equipped hot gas test stand with adaptive vibration test equipment (shaker), and a newly created technical center. The technical center was designed in such a way that all existing and newly planned test equipment can be accommodated and, in addition, even complete vehicles can be examined or equipped with measuring equipment.

The aim of the conversion project was to centralize all R&D activities at Thermamax in Mannheim in one place: to create a real R&D center. The result: all R&D-related workflows can now be organized even more efficiently; at the same time, new investigation possibilities have been opened up, thus expanding the range of R&D services offered by Thermamax. For our customers, this in turn means greater flexibility, speed, and efficiency in the design of new products and processes and in the handling and testing of new projects.

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