On-highway insulation technologies for engine compartment and exhaust tract

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Efficient, clean, quiet

What other insulations dream of

The emission directives (Euro 6) in the on-highway sector are constantly becoming more stringent. Moreover, noise limits (EU Regulation 540/2014) must also be complied with. The good news is: thermal and acoustic insulation systems from tmax make a decisive contribution.

High temperature insulation: no heat, no fire

Three fantastic high-temperature solutions
Unbeatable when combined

A wide product range of different insulation materials allows us to solve any high-temperature challenges.

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Metal insulation cladding

  • High insulation value
  • High durability
  • Easy assembly
  • Ease of maintenance
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Foil Insulation

  • Accurate fit, for complex shapes
  • Light weight and space saving
  • Optional: Water repellent insulation material
  • Optional: Reinforced sound insulation
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Textile Insulation

  • Perfect touch protection
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Short development times
  • Low tooling costs
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Combined Insulation

Sometimes, not only one type of insulation is suitable. More and more often, our solutions are as individual as your challenge. We combine the advantages of suitable insulation types and develop an insulation solution specifically tailored to your requirements.

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  • Marine

    SOLAS: Less heat. More safety.

    Market leader for SOLAS-compliant insulation in the marine sector for over 45 years.

  • Oil & Gas

    A prevented fire does not need to be extinguished

    100% SOLAS compliant insulation solutions for maximum work safety on your platform.

  • Power Generation

    Insulation technologies for stationary power generation.

    Undisputed technology leader for outstandingly effective thermal insulation.