Why you absolutely need turbocharger insulation
The turbocharger, also called exhaust gas turbocharger, compresses the combustion air supplied to the engine, ensures more efficient combustion and thus more power with the same fuel consumption. Turbocharger insulation ensures even greater efficiency by enhancing this effect, while also bringing other benefits in terms of greater occupational safety, fire protection and improved emission levels. Learn all about turbocharger insulation and why you absolutely need it here.

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Tool making in the past and today – From classic mold making to high-precision molding
Tmax integral insulation has a jacket made of stainless-steel foils or thin sheets, perfectly adapted to the contours of the objects to be insulated. Additionally embossed structures increase the stiffness and thus enable minimal wall thicknesses of the materials used. Both are made possible by the use of state-of-the-art embossing and forming tools. In this article, we give you an insight into the more than 25-year history of the development of pressing tools at tmax.
Patented valve for lithium-ion battery housing
The use of lithium-ion batteries is associated with high thermal risks. Therefore, general safety in the event of fire plays an essential role in the development of battery enclosures.
Everything you need to know about high-temperature insulation
A high-temperature insulation must meet many challenges, as diverse as the customers themselves. In this article, we will show you what's important, how high-temperature insulation works and which realistic results and solutions can be implemented and attained.
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    SOLAS: Less heat. More safety.

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    A prevented fire does not need to be extinguished

    100% SOLAS compliant insulation solutions for maximum work safety on your platform.

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    Insulation technologies for stationary power generation.

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