In-House tool making ensures the perfect shape

Less time and costs – More flexibility and quality
Due to the in-house tool making at tmax

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Forming devices give tmax integral insulations their perfect shape

100% in own factory
Tool making at tmax

Always consistent top quality in series production

In order to produce perfectly shaped insulating components of consistently high quality and then assemble them firmly with jigs, tools of the highest quality are required. Having an external service provider produce these not only costs a lot of money, but also time, which may become a risk factor for projects with strict timings.

For this reason, we at tmax have built up our own in-house tool making department since 2012, which allows us to produce your high-temperature insulation even faster, more flexibly and more reliably as well as to reduce interface losses. A service that is highly appreciated by our globally operating customers.

Save time and costs

The advantages for our customers

In-house tool making brings many advantages for us, and especially for our customers. Thanks to our streamlined value chain and independence from capacities and suppliers, we can produce the tools four to eight times faster and considerably cheaper than if they were manufactured by an external service provider.

On the one hand, this allows us to react quickly and flexibly to customer requests and to implement new product ideas quickly, and on the other hand, it saves time and costs in the process of manufacturing your insulation.

Process steps in tool making

After the design department sends the 3D data to the tool shop and the work preparation department sends the production order, the work in the tool shop begins.

1. Preparations

The tool is being designed, milling machines and 3D printers are being programmed.

At the same time, the material is ordered.

2. Manufacturing

The tool is manufactured. The milling machines produce punches and dies from steel as well as other tools from plastic, copper and aluminum. The 3D printers produce masks for the laser devices. The parts are then assembled into finished tools.

3. “Running in”

The finished tools need to be "run in". This means, for example,  that pressing tools are checked for function and adjusted in the corresponding presses in test runs and assembly equipment with blanks and film shells.

4. In action

The tested tool is ready for use and is taken to the department where it will be put in action.

Tool making in best quality

In recent years, tmax has invested heavily in the expansion of its own tool shop. In the department, a team of skilled professionals works on the manufacture and fabrication of all the tools needed for production. Both subtractive (removing) and additive (applying) processes are used here. Today, for example, we use several milling machines to produce precise and accurate punches and dies from high-quality tool steel blocks for the press tools. In addition, masks for the laser devices can be produced from plastic in our 3D printers.

Our in-house tool making department allows us to guarantee insulation of consistently top quality. We operate independently of external service providers and supply chains, have more than 45 years of experience as a market leader in the high-temperature sector, and know what matters. The shapes of our innovative insulating parts are based in part on highly complex customer requirements, which is why we rely on highly dynamic CNC milling machines from DMG MORI with powerful machine controls from Heidenhain in combination with the technical know-how of our employees. This allows us to produce high-precision and filigree tools that others can only dream of. 

Steel pressing tool
Pressing tool for production of tmax foil insulation.

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Thanks to our in-house tool making, we operate independently of external service providers and supply chains. Short paths, short development times. This saves logistical routes and avoids shortages.

Highly complex and filigree shapes from external service providers not cost only a lot of time, but also a lot of money. With our own specialization and know-how, we can work around this and produce high-quality tools in record time. In addition delivery costs are saved.

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