From prototype to series production.

Fresh ideas, new approaches and revolutionary applications are the fuel for innovation.
tmax Performance uses the latest technologies to develop customer-specific solutions and quickly gives them a face using rapid prototyping.

Insulations that were unthinkable yesterday are now ready for series production in the shortest possible time. We do everything we can to make the best possible use of the respective framework conditions – the cornerstone of any cost- and time-optimized project planning.

New materials, new methods, new solutions

tmax Performance stands for innovative technologies and extraordinary concepts. The toughest operating conditions are our core competence. And we will never be satisfied with standard solutions – whether in commercial vehicles or in Formula 1.

Gold plating

Far more than just a pretty appearance: the high degree of reflection makes gold an outstanding material for high-temperature insulation. Through gold plating, every film gains in performance. Brilliant results for special applications.

Ultra film

It really couldn't be thinner: our new Ultra film is just 0.05 mm thick. This makes it half the weight of conventional models - but thanks to new technology, it still performs its tasks with flying colors. Lean solution with a big plus.

Titanium foil

Known for its hard-wearing qualities: Titanium is extremely hard and can really take a beating. We use sophisticated structures to shape the high-strength precious metal, giving it unimagined capabilities. Structural changes with a difference.

Polymorphic insulation

Innovation creates individuality: the completely new insulation method can be used almost universally. We can shape the insulation material into almost any conceivable form and thus master even the tightest profiles and spaces. Universal installation space optimization in a new dimension.

Microporous insulation material

Close to the theoretical ideal mark: With their extremely low thermal conductivity, micro-porous insulation materials are particularly advantageous where very high levels of insulation are required in very confined spaces. Inner values that are impressive.

Silicate fiber insulation

Proven and yet always new: Our optimized high-temperature insulation with technical fibres is characterized by its compactness and ease of maintenance. Uncomplicated design for complex situations.

Contents in this e-book

How to overcome all challenges in the high temperature range.

Planning, development and production from a single source

Our high-temperature insulation leaves the usual standards far behind. We include key parameters such as ease of maintenance, fast assembly and disassembly as well as the legal environment, including special trade association regulations, in our planning right from the start. We then develop an integrative solution that optimizes efficiency and reduces operating costs.


Speed, power, performance – that’s motorsport. Performance on a different level. We have been successfully facing up to the tough competition with its special requirements for years.


Super Luxury Cars

When performance meets design. Nowhere else is it so important to reach the limits of what is technically feasible as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Luxury Yachts

Marine solutions from tmax Performance have high-temperature zones safely under control – in the tightest of spaces and are fully SOLAS-compliant.

High-temperature insulation with rarity value

Whether on land, in the water or in the air: the temperature design solutions from tmax Performance are always the first choice. Even in space, we use our expertise to help implement revolutionary ideas and visionary projects. Special requirements call for unique solutions. We realize them.

tmax Performance temperature design


Lightweight, vapor-permeable and resistant to vibration, high temperatures and seawater: From integral insulation and textile insulation to classic heat shields, we develop and manufacture high-performance insulation systems made of metal, textile and foil. Of course, they fit perfectly and comply with all legal requirements.

Challenge us! You name the requirements – we find the solution.

Foil Insulation

In addition to absolute accuracy of fit, our solutions have an optimized sound insulation effect and comply with the latest legal regulations.
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Textile Insulation

Wherever complicated geometric shapes need to be insulated, where uncomplicated maintenance has top priority or where short assembly times are paramount: Solutions from tmax Performance set standards.
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Metal insulation cladding

We develop and manufacture high-performance metal insulation systems. Our philosophy of a well-thought-out and efficient design guarantees stability and an exact fit even with the most varied temperature lines.
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Sometimes, not only one type of insulation is suitable. More and more often, our solutions are as individual as your challenge. We combine the advantages of suitable insulation types and develop an insulation solution specifically tailored to your requirements.
Sometimes, not only one type of insulation is suitable. More and more often, our solutions are as individual as your challenge. We combine the advantages of suitable insulation types and develop an insulation solution specifically tailored to your requirements.

Applications in detail

Exhaust gas turbocharger
Whether in a dump truck or Formula 1 racing car: Exhaust gas turbochargers develop enormous temperatures - up to 800 degrees in diesel engines and even more than 1000 degrees in petrol engines. Shielding plates, blank ets or integral insulation from tmax Perfromance reliably protect the surrounding parts from overheating.

Available as foil insulation or as textile insulation.
Exhaust pipe
To keep the heat inside the system, efficient insulation is particularly important here - it is the only way to ensure effective exhaust gas aftertreatment and compliance with the relevant environmental standards. Available as foil insulation or textile insulation.
Exhaust manifold
Extreme heat meets cramped conditions - this is where unusual materials and creative solutions are needed. Forms in demand. And the know-how of real experts. Because only an easily mountable and demountable solution is a good solution. Available as foil insulation or textile insulation.
As solid sheet metal or wafer-thin foil: Thermisol shields can be used practically anywhere where heat protection is required. We offer universal solutions for a wide variety of locations and applications. Available as foil insulation or textile insulation.
You can securely enclose almost any part with our highly stable cladding solutions. The big advantage The ease with which the products can be assembled and disassembled - stable protection has never been so flexible. Available as metallic insulation or textile insulation.
If the manufacturer's basic insulation is not sufficient, our insulation systems are the first choice. They meet the highest requirements, keep the heat within the system and guarantee effective protection against contact and fire. Available as foil insulation or textile insulation.
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Only a catalytic converter that operates in the optimum temperature range can guarantee efficient exhaust gas aftertreatment. The faster it warms up, the sooner it meets the emissions standards. Apart from the safety factor, the main argument for not compromising on insulation.

Available as foil insulation or textile insulation.

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Accurate work, low error rates and professional quality management are demonstrably part of our program. People, machines and the environment are protected in the best possible way at all times.

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    From prototype to series production.

    Insulations that were unthinkable yesterday are now ready for series production in the shortest possible time.