Temperatures under control: temperature reduction from over 1000 °C to as low as 60 °C off-highway

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Our insulation solutions don't burn

Customized, intelligent solutions

With over 45 years of experience in high-temperature insulation, we can solve any off-highway temperature problem. Your contact for

  • Effective decarbonization & exhaust gas aftertreatment
  • Compliance with emission standards
  • Optimal touch & fire protection
  • Effective sound insulation
  • High reliability
  • Increased service life of your machines

Do you have a heat problem? We have Smart. Temperature Solutions.

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Contents in this e-book

How to overcome all challenges in the high temperature range.

Less heat
More security

What other insulations dream of

Compliance with EU emissions regulations and fire protection, among other things, are of paramount importance in the off-highway sector. We offer solutions for reducing the surface temperature to as low as 60 °C like no other, thus ensuring maximum operational safety and reliability for your machines.

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Agricultural vehicles

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Construction machinery

Graphic grid of a construction machine

Mining machinery

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Efficient exhaust gas aftertreatment for large and small machines

The EU environmental protection likes that

To reduce the emission of pollutants, an agreement on limit values has been reached at an international level. Gradually, these limit values will be lowered for off-highway commercial vehicles. Stage V of the EU Emissions Regulation and Tier 4 in the US off-highway apply since 2019.

The increasingly stringent emissions standards present engineers with complex challenges. Innovative solutions are in demand. Therefore, manufacturers are developing ever more efficient catalysts and cleaning systems. Rapid temperature development and minimization of energy losses are decisive for effective decarbonization of the exhaust gases. Which is precisely what tmax offers – and at the same time increases the service life of the components and surrounding parts.

Optimal fire protection
Optimal reliability

More safety for man, machine, and economy

For fire protection and off-highway vehicle resilience, operators are facing two major challenges. Firstly, fire hazard and efficiency losses of the motors due to the deviating heat. And secondly High radiant heat of individual components that can damage surrounding components.

The result is a high risk of default. Especially for old vehicles. Failure due to fire endangers human life and also threatens the profitability of your machine. Only a Significant reduction of the fire risk by reducing the surface temperature from up to 1000 °C to as low as 60 °C ensures greater safety for machines and people – and thus higher productivity.

Lower temperatures. Less worry lines.

Construction site with different construction machines from bird's eye view.

High temperature insulation: no heat, no fire

Three fantastic high-temperature solutions
Unbeatable when combined

A wide product range of different insulation materials allows us to solve any high-temperature challenges.

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Metal insulation cladding

  • High insulation value
  • High durability
  • Easy assembly
  • Ease of maintenance
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Foil Insulation

  • Accurate fit, for complex shapes
  • Light weight and space saving
  • Optional: Water repellent insulation material
  • Optional: Reinforced sound insulation
Icon for a Textile Solution

Textile Insulation

  • Perfect touch protection
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Short development times
  • Low tooling costs
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Combined Insulation

Sometimes, not only one type of insulation is suitable. More and more often, our solutions are as individual as your challenge. We combine the advantages of suitable insulation types and develop an insulation solution specifically tailored to your requirements.

Ohne Isolierung
Ohne Isolierung
Mit Isolierung
Mit Isolierung
Thermische Simulation eines Abgasrohrs ohne und mit Textile Isolierung.

Simulations: fewer prototype cycles, lower costs

Developing new products takes time, but it doesn't have to

Stop going in circles during design, construction and testing phases.

Unique in the industry: tmax simulations save you endless loops in the development process.

  • Find thermal weak points
  • Vibration simulation for predicting the behavior of a virtual component
  • Simulation for the evaluation of concepts and designs

This allows us to identify and eliminate weak points, shorten development times and reduce unforeseen costs, even before a prototype is produced.

Hydrogen engines: The future has a heat problem

tmax has the solution:
A significant increase in efficiency

The off-highway sector has a goal of ZERO CO₂ emissions. The future is a mix of engines using different fuels. Among other things, hydrogen drives play a major role here. Production-ready engines will find their way into the mass market in the near future already.

And tmax is a part of it, with proven excellent results in increasing efficiency.

As the industry leader in smart insulation solutions for the hydrogen market, we increase the efficiency of hydrogen engines, turbochargers, and manifolds.

Harvesters at work in the field

Uncompromisingly safe:

Precisely fitting insulation solutions, for older motors as well

With the all-in-one package, we offer you all services – from the creation of the 3D data of your engine to the thermography of the insulation system, developed and installed for you – from a single source.

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Efficient exhaust gas aftertreatment
in the off-highway sector

We offer solutions for reducing the surface temperature to as low as 60 °C, thus ensuring maximum operational safety and reliability for your machines.
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    SOLAS: Less heat. More safety.

    Market leader for SOLAS-compliant insulation in the marine sector for over 45 years.

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