Safely on the field: high-temperature insulation for agricultural machinery

Efficient exhaust gas aftertreatment, reliable fire protection or effective sound insulation – our insulation solutions make a decisive contribution to increasing the efficiency of your agricultural machinery.

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Meet emission standards
Increase fire protection

tmax: the expert for high-temperature insulations

Ensure efficient exhaust gas aftertreatment and reduce the thermal risk of your machines due to many highly flammable fuel and operating materials in the field, with insulation solutions from tmax. Also available as RETROFIT for older engines.

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Fire protection

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Fulfillment of exhaust emission standard

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Protection of surrounding components

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Contents in this e-book

How to overcome all challenges in the high temperature range.

High temperature insulation: no heat, no fire

Three fantastic high-temperature solutions
Unbeatable when combined

A wide product range of different insulation materials allows us to solve any high-temperature challenges.

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Metal insulation cladding

  • High insulation value
  • High durability
  • Easy assembly
  • Ease of maintenance
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Foil Insulation

  • Accurate fit, for complex shapes
  • Light weight and space saving
  • Optional: Water repellent insulation material
  • Optional: Reinforced sound insulation
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Textile Insulation

  • Perfect touch protection
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Short development times
  • Low tooling costs
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Combined Insulation

Sometimes, not only one type of insulation is suitable. More and more often, our solutions are as individual as your challenge. We combine the advantages of suitable insulation types and develop an insulation solution specifically tailored to your requirements.

When a machine catches fire

Thermal risk in the field

For agricultural businesses, maximum operational reliability of their agricultural machinery is a basic prerequisite for economic success.

With the use of increasingly powerful equipment in agriculture, the risk of fire is also increasing. Temperatures of up to 750 °C can prevail in the engine compartment and exhaust tracts of agricultural machinery. In combination with flammable residues of combustible materials, such as dry crop particles and dusts, or operating materials, these can pose an increased risk to people and machinery.

During operation, these residues inevitably accumulate in the engine compartment or directly on the engine, where they form a highly flammable layer. This is where a dangerous fire, or even an explosion, can occur.

Many fuels and operating fluids ignite at a temperature as low as 250 °C.

But other circumstances, such as slipping V-belts, hot-running bearings or cable short circuits, can also pose a high thermal risk.

The need for effective insulation solutions is great. With its tmax insulation cladding, tmax has been offering insulation systems that enormously reduce the risk of fire in the engine compartment for many years.

With a temperature reduction to a non-hazardous 220 °C; even down to 60 °C on request.

Meet guidelines
Increase protection
Increase efficiency

Whether it's efficient exhaust gas aftertreatment, reliable fire protection or effective soundproofing – our solutions make a decisive contribution

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Exhaust gas aftertreatment

Temperature control for optimal exhaust gas cleaning and protection of temperature sensitive components from heat. A positive side effect is that fire protection and the possibility of lowering insurance premiums are, so to speak, included in the package.

Fire protection

The insulation solutions for the engine and exhaust tract, developed by tmax, prevent the buildup of flammable particles and have long since become standard in many large agricultural machines.

Expansion joints and flexible hoses

High-performance tmax insulation enables a significant reduction in temperature losses, for highly flexible components.

Manifold / Casting components

For years, tmax has been producing numerous precision-fit solutions that protect surrounding components from extremely high temperatures.

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Exhaust gas aftertreatment for agricultural vehicles

The EU environmental protection likes that

There are increasingly stringent emission regulations for agricultural machinery. This includes the EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emissions standards, today and in the future. Other challenges include operational safety, noise protection, the electrification of engines, and the use of hydrogen drives and fuel cells.

We develop and produce solutions for more effective exhaust gas aftertreatment, increase the operational safety of your agricultural machinery and make it fit for future requirements.

Uncompromisingly safe: tmax RETROFIT

Precisely fitting insulation solutions, for older motors as well

Worn insulation in agricultural machinery increases the risk of fire in the field and thus the dangers to man, machine, and image. There is a risk of long downtimes and increased insurance premiums. To remain economical, outdated insulation must be replaced.

With tmax RETROFIT, this process can be made smoothly.

The all-in-one package offers you all services from a single source. From the creation of 3D data of the engine, to the thermography of the insulation system, designed and installed for you.

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