Thermamax remains focused on the future

A sailing ship at sunset.
Despite the pandemic, Thermamax remains focused on the future.

“We can’t change the wind, but we can set the sails differently.”

This quote sums up our attitude to the current situation. As the tmax Group, we are committed to sustainable growth and had big plans in 2020 to achieve these proud growth targets.

With the headwinds of the pandemic, steering toward goals becomes a daily challenge. By no means do we allow ourselves to be driven by the headwind, nor do we hand over responsibility for our future to the winds. We take the wheel firmly in our hands and adjust the course, but keep our sights firmly on the goals. We cannot change the situation; we must accept it and seize the opportunities it presents. Our task now is to question our actions on a daily basis: what do we need to do differently to stay on course and achieve our goals despite bad weather and headwinds?

One thing is certain: our top priority is and remains to secure the jobs and the future of Thermamax.

We wish you, our customers, suppliers and all our business partners, strength and adaptability to question yourselves every day and find new ways; as well as farsightedness to make decisions that will secure us a place in the future today.

  • Marine

    SOLAS: Less heat. More safety.

    Market leader for SOLAS-compliant insulation in the marine sector for over 45 years.

  • Oil & Gas

    A prevented fire does not need to be extinguished

    100% SOLAS compliant insulation solutions for maximum work safety on your platform.

  • Power Generation

    Insulation technologies for stationary power generation.

    Undisputed technology leader for outstandingly effective thermal insulation.