tmax is a member of the “Allianz Wasserstoff Motor e.V.”.

We are pleased to announce that we are now a member of the “Allianz Wasserstoff Motor e.V.”. “Allianz Wasserstoff Motor e.V.” was founded in January 2022 by representatives from industry and research with the aim of promoting the opportunities and potential of a sustainable hydrogen engine technology. Members are companies from the vehicle and engine industry, suppliers, as well as companies from the energy sector and research institutes.

The hydrogen engine plays a central role in a more climate-friendly future. It converts the energy of hydrogen into mechanical energy with outstanding efficiency, is robust and durable, and is resistant under extreme boundary conditions. Added to this are favorable operating costs, ease of maintenance and further development options to a hybrid drive. And all this with hardly any detectable emission influence.


At tmax, the promotion of hydrogen drives for a climate-friendly future is very important to us. We are already working today on the technologies for tomorrow, making a significant contribution to decarbonization. Our insulation solutions for hydrogen drives help maintain optimal temperatures within the system. This can increase turbocharging efficiency and minimize heat losses in the exhaust tract.


We look to the future with hope and look forward to working together on the tasks ahead.


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