Thermamax establishes new aftermarket business unit

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With the new “Aftermarket” business unit, we are strengthening our service offering.

Tighter safety and environmental regulations create further potential and opportunities for Tmax – especially,
but not only in the marine sector. With the new “Aftermarket” business unit, we are strengthening our range of services for you.

The focal points of our range of services are:

Retrofit projects: By this we mean the retrofitting of older marine engines. Many ships still sail with the first insulation, which no longer meets SOLAS requirements.

SOLAS-check as a regular inspection of the insulation in the engine compartment. We offer this service regardless of whether
shipping companies and shipowners decide to renew the insulation themselves, if necessary, or order it from us. A service offering that pays off,
because the financial risk in the event of a fire in a so-called “thermal event” can easily amount to €1 million. Including the safety risk if people are injured or lose their lives.

Service in the sense of maintenance of the insulation cladding. We want to help shipping companies and shipowners to
comply with SOLAS guidelines at all times. For this purpose, we offer regular maintenance intervals during which the insulation on the
engine is inspected for SOLAS compliance and, if any weaknesses or hotspots are identified, supply and install a
replacement insulation.

Medium-term expansion of our range of services for other areas. Operational safety and fire protection on engines must also be ensured for operators of mines and for railroad applications. On the one hand, for the direct protection of man and machine, and on the other hand, to ensure economic efficiency and keep insurance premiums low.

  • Marine

    SOLAS: Less heat. More safety.

    Market leader for SOLAS-compliant insulation in the marine sector for over 45 years.

  • Oil & Gas

    A prevented fire does not need to be extinguished

    100% SOLAS compliant insulation solutions for maximum work safety on your platform.

  • Power Generation

    Insulation technologies for stationary power generation.

    Undisputed technology leader for outstandingly effective thermal insulation.